Winter Skincare Favorites

Winter is here again. Now, don’t get me wrong, I love Christmas, cuddling up in bed and watching movies, and hot chocolate as much as the next girl. However, winter also brings the dreaded cold, dry air that makes my skin have a full-blown meltdown. As soon as that winter air comes in I start breaking out, I get dry patches and sometimes applying makeup in the winter can make me look like I’ve caked on 50 layers due to my dried out complexion.

However, I have done quite a bit of research, (and by research, I mean reading skincare blogs and watching beauty gurus on youtube), and after many trials and tests, I have finally accumulated some amazing products that help my skin feel moisturized, full, and fresh, even in the cold, dry months. These products are available at the drug store (or target/ Walmart) which means, they are also very affordable.


Most peoples main concern with skin health and hydration is related to their facial complexion, however, I try to keep all of my skin healthy and hydrated. Here are a few products I use for moisturizing my body, I tend to use these products pretty much year round, however, they are extremely hydrating and nourishing for the skin, and are perfect for the winter months.



Lubriderm Advanced Therapy Lotion- ($8.99) This lotion is incredible, it moisturizes for a full 24 hours. I can completely tell the difference between using this product and any other lotion due to the fact that around the 12-hour mark I tend to start becoming dry and itchy. However, when I apply this lotion every night after I shower, my skin feels incredible all day. It is also enriched with essential vitamins E and B5 which help to improve scarring and pigmentation.

Body Oils

 I love using body oils throughout the winter due to their incredible healing properties and moisture retention. I have left this category to be very unspecific because I believe there are many varieties of oils and they all have different benefits. On a normal basis I just tend to use organic coconut oil, however, if you struggle with body acne I would not advise this product for you due to its high comedogenic rating (meaning it will clog your pores). However, coconut oil is fantastic for your skin, it can also improve scaring and stretch marks. The oil I have pictured at the bottom of the image is the Olivia Care Jasmine and Gardenia Body Oil ($8.00) This oil is very lightweight and nongreasy I would recommend this to someone who may want some extra moisture but may not enjoy the texture or feeling of an ordinary oil.





Cetaphil Daily Facial Cleanser- (approx $10 for 8oz or $21 for 16oz) This cleanser is without a doubt a holy grail for me. It removes all dirt, oil, and makeup completely from the skin without any drying out or stripping. It also is dermatologist recommended and noncomedogenic and Is gentle enough to use every day, even twice a day. If you sensitive or irritable skin this product is perfect for you.

Skin + Pharmacy Anti-Aging Therapy Glycolic Cleanser – ($8.99) Although I tend to use my Cetaphil cleanser mostly every day, I use this glycolic cream cleanser a few times a week to help brighten and exfoliate my skin. I tend to struggle with hyperpigmentation and acne scars so this Glycolic cleanser is perfect for adding extra hydration while also increasing cell turnover.

Scrubs/ Exfoliation


Acure Brightening Facial Scrub- ($10)  As mentioned before, I tend to struggle with pigmentation so I try to exfoliate my skin a couple of times a week, be careful not to exfoliate too often or you could irritate your skin and even cause premature aging and breakouts. However, especially in the winter months, it is important to scrub away all of those dry, dead skin cells in order to promote cell turnover and allow your skin to absorb more moisture. This particular scrub is quite abrasive so if you are looking for a gentle exfoliation, I would not recommend this product. However, when I do use this product my skin appears much more hydrated and visibly brighter.



Thayers Witch Hazel infused with RoseWater- ($8) When I first started watching skincare gurus and reading blogs about skincare I kept coming across this same product, WitchHazel. I had never heard of it before but everyone online was raving about its benefits and skin transforming powers, and I have to say I completely agree. This product is fantastic as a winter toner because it adds moisture due to the rose water and aloe infusions and is completely alcohol-free. This product makes your skin glow while still controlling the production of excess oils.

Moisturizer/ Serums


Neutrogena Hydro Boost Moisturizer- ($20) Although this moisturizer may be a little on the pricey side, as far as drugstore goes, it is worth every single penny. I first tried this moisturizer about a year ago, at the time I was struggling with acne so I needed a moisturizer that would quench my skin, without any oils. When I first used this product, I was floored, it retained the moisture into my skin all day long without creating any grease or oil and made my makeup apply smoothly and evenly. I highly recommend this product for all year use, however, with its added hyaluronic acid it is perfect for the winter months. This product is like a makeover for your skin, it will make it appear bright, dewy, and full of moisture

Elf Hydrating Serum- ($12) I was surprised to see one of my favorite cosmetic brands, ELF venture into the world of skincare, when I saw this hydrating serum I had to give it a try, and I was not disappointed. Designed to help strengthen the skin, this Hydrating Serum locks in moisture. The formula helps soothe and protect the skin with jojoba, aloe, vitamin E, grape, and shea butter for ultimate nourishment.

Pixi Glow Mist ($15) Again another cosmetic brand, however, pixi beauty has always had amazing skincare products and this glow spray is definitely one of them. If I’m having a day where I really need an extra skin pick-me-up, I turn to this incredible product. With non-comedogenic argan and propolis oils, this mist makes your skin appear dewy and glowing.

Acne and Breakouts


Tea Tree Oil- I do not believe the specific brand is particularly important when it comes to essential oils as long as they are 100% organic and not mixed with any fillers or other ingredients. I love using tea tree oil during the winter for breakouts because it does not tend to dry out my skin, yet it is very effective for targeting breakouts. Whenever I feel a pimple coming on I apply a small dot of this tea tree oil, and it is usually healed overnight.

Differin Gel ($30)- If you struggle with severe acne I highly recommend this product, I struggled with cystic acne for a period of time and this is the product I credit to helping maintain that at the time. This products active ingredient is called adapalene and before about 6 months ago it was sold as a prescription only. I would not recommend this product however if you sensitive or very dry skin. This product will dry out your skin severely if not used modestly or in conjunction with a moisturizer. However, I figured I would include it because I do use this product year round and it is fantastic for ance and also helps to lighten up acne scarring or pigmentation.

Masks/ Skin Treatments


Freeman honeydew and chamomile sleeping mask ($7.30) This overnight facial Mask with antioxidant-rich honeydew and calming chamomile is just the thing for rejuvenating and deeply hydrating skin. With coconut oil, honeydew, and chamomile this mask helps skin overnight for a soft, dewy glow by morning.

Sheet Masks- I will leave this category open due to the fact that I tend to switch up my sheets masks all the time and I haven’t really found one brand or type of sheet mask that I have used as a staple in my skincare routine. However, some that I have tried recently and loved and feel would be great for dry or dull skin are:

  • Nugg Deep hydration mask 
  • Garnier Waterbomb deep moisture masks 
  • Body Prescriptions Dead Sea Minerals mask

Overall, it is best to remember that diet, hormones, stress levels, etc are all factors that play the majority role in our skins apperance. Achieving hydrated, healthy skin is a process that comes from the inside out. Be sure to drink plenty of water (I recommend checking one of my recent posts to figure out what your ideal amount of daily water intake is:, eat a mainly plant-based diet enriched with lots of fruits and vegetables, stay away from processed foods, and high fat foods such as dairy and meat products. However, if you feel like your skin just needs that extra bit of hydration and nourishment, these products may be able to help. I wish you all a happy winter and I hope your Christmas is as bright as your new glowing skin!

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