6 things we can learn about life from a Jellyfish

So, yesterday Me and my lovely boyfriend Kaden decided to go on a date to the Aquarium. We were having a great time and towards the end of the trip, we saw a beautiful tank filled with bioluminescent jellyfish. I stood and watched the jellies and I was instantly completely fascinated by their beauty and decided to do some more research on one of the Earths oldest, most diverse, and most intriguing creatures. Today I would like to share with you some interesting things I learned about the Jellies, but more importantly how we can take this information and apply it to our lives as humans. As it turns out, there are several things we should be doing a little more like our gelatinous friends.

  • It is sometimes better to drift with the current than fight against it. The currents of the ocean are one of the most impactful life forces for a jellyfish. Jellyfish have highly adapted sensors to detect the earth magnetic fields, the tides, and the currents around them. Powerful ocean currents carry millions of jellyfish every year in groups known as “mass migrations”. If it weren’t for these ocean currents, the jellyfish would not reproduce nearly as much and the population would decline. It is truly incredible how all of these Jellies never question whether to go with the current, they trust an unseen force to carry them to exactly where they need to be in order to grow and flourish. I believe us humans could learn a lot from this, we too at times need to be able to let go of our own intellect and ego and allow the currents of the universe to carry us to a new opportunity, or towards our better selves.

jelly 1

  • Achievement occasionally requires your sting as a propellant. Although jellyfish appear to be such serene and peaceful creatures, they have one of natures best tools, their infamous sting. Jellyfish use their sting to capture prey and act as a defense mechanism. When their tentacles encounter a human or another sort of prey they reach out and fire out harpoon-like structures containing a neurotoxic venom. It will paralyze their prey but in the case of us lowly humans, it will just really hurt. However, this is something to note and possibly apply to our lives, as humans. For me personally, I have struggled with being a pushover at times and suffering from constant “people pleasing” syndrome. However, I believe life is a perfect balance of letting it happen and making it happen. Sometimes your ambition, dreams, or ideas may offend people, possibly even the people you love. However, sometimes we must fully trust ourselves and don’t be afraid to offend some around you in order to fulfill your full potential.

jelly 2

  • Try not to over think things. Jellyfish are one of the oldest and most successful species on our planet, many would think that is due to a level of high intelligence, and a highly evolved brain. On the contrary, can you believe that jellyfish don’t even have a brain! They do, however, have a very basic set of nerves at the base of their tentacles. These nerves detect touch, temperature, salinity etc. and the jellyfish reflexively respond to these stimuli. Since they don’t have a brain, they live passively, depending entirely on their automatic reflexes. This is something us humans could definitely learn a lesson from, many of us, myself included spend most of our days being constantly harassed by that little voice in the back of our heads (aka our ego). Many times our thoughts aren’t even focused on the moment we are living in, we are stuck on what we should’ve done in the past or what is going to happen in the future. Each moment is a gift, it is not owed to us, and it can be gone at any moment, therefore allowing our mind to relax into the exact moment we are in, puts us a little more in touch with exactly where we are supposed to be. Our mind is a tool to help us, however, it is not “us”.

aqua 6


  • Be resilient. Another reason Jellyfish are one of Earths oldest species is their incredible tenacity and resilience. Jellyfish, along with a few other species possess the ability to regrow lost or damaged body parts. Now I am not saying if one of us Humans loses an arm, you will be expected to grow it back, some species limitations, unfortunately, cannot be broken. However, we face many trials that the universe throws our way on a daily basis, it can become very easy to resort to lower energy levels in order to cope. Such as laziness, self-pity, depression, anxiety, unhealthy eating habits, overworking. However, it is so important to remember that everything that has ever or will ever happen to you is a very real and specific purpose. We are who we are due to our specific experiences and circumstances. Having a positive attitude and mindset is our best defense along with self-care to be our strongest and most divine selves.


  • Sometimes its ok to act like a kid again. A rare few, Moon Jellyfish specifically, are able to cheat death by “aging backward.” These jellies can transform back into tiny polyps (the first stage of the jelly life cycle), and then grow into identical copies of the original adult. Nature gave these jellies an incredible cheat code for life. Although we as humans, cannot cheat time, and our aging only goes in one direction (with the exception of Benjamin Button), we can apply this concept in our own lives by allowing ourselves to not take life too seriously. Remember, we are just one of the billions on a tiny planet in an infinite universe. Don’t forget to take time to play. The act of play is not just for children on the playground, it is essential for all of our minds and souls, at any age. Take a break, go for a walk, paint, dance, sing, do more of whatever makes you feel like a kid again.

  • Glow from within, even when everything around you may be dark. The deep sea is ruled by darkness. Sunlight does not penetrate much below 60 meters (about 200 feet) below the ocean’s surface. Bioluminescence is light produced by a chemical process within a living organism. The jellies need no outer source of light, they create their own glow. Many of us can sometimes feel completely overwhelmed, or defeated by our circumstances/ surroundings. It can be very easy to fall into a relentless cycle of negative emotions. Sometimes you have to take matters into your own hands and decide to be responsible for your own happiness. Happiness and light can come completely from within your own self, remember that you are made from the universe and therefore the universe and all of its light is within you.

Thank you all for reading! I hope you had a great New year celebration and I hope this post will help you enter into 2018 with a positive and grounded mindset. Remember to be more like the jellies, have fun, take care of yourself and I hope to speak to you all again soon! 🙂

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