Everything you need to know about the Super Blue Moon Eclipse

As many of you may or may not know, coming to us on January 31st of this year, is a super blue moon eclipse. Now, I know many people may be wondering what does that even mean? Well, first let’s break down the name.

red moon.jpg

Super: We use the term “super” when the Full Moon is closest to Earth. This Lunar Eclipse is going to be nice and close to Earth, which means visibility will be high and its energetic effects will be very strong.

Blood: A Blood Moon is just another name for a Total Lunar Eclipse. This is because a Total Eclipse gives the Moon a reddish glow. Blood Moon’s are quite rare, the last was in 2014.

Blue: A Blue Moon is the second Full Moon of the month. Whenever there are two Full Moon’s in a month, the second is referred to as a Blue Moon. This is also an extremely rare occurrence and makes this Eclipse particularly significant and unique.

Eclipse Oregon

This event is extremely rare, just to put it into context, the last super blood moon eclipse was 150 years ago. If you are interested in or have studied astrology, you will know that such a strong celestial event will cause major ripples of energy throughout ourselves and our surroundings.

Another fact that people may not know about Eclipses, is that they always come in cycles. This Super Blood Blue Moon Eclipse is linked to the Eclipses back in February and August of 2017. This is significant because this means that whatever experiences or lessons you were working through at that time should be coming to an end. This can allow you to be a resolution to those lingering energies.

Try to think back to whatever you were going through around the time period of the previous Total Solar Eclipse (from August, 21st, 2017). When thinking back to what was stirring for you, pay attention to what was unfolding on a spiritual and emotional level, not just on a physical or external one. Try to visualize this energy closing and settling. This way, you can put this to rest and focus your energy on a new, fresh chapter in your life.  eclipse 7

The Super Blood Blue Moon Eclipse represents a rebirth in energy and focus for many people. It can help you to get rid of recurring anxieties or fears and give you the courage to let go of past mistakes or failures and be able to start a new project or passion. Eclipses often bring turning points in our lives. They are often an instigator for change and illuminate areas of our lives that need attention.


2017 was a transformative year for a lot of people, and perhaps the months since the August Total Solar Eclipse have allowed things to move in a new direction for you. The January Super Blood Blue Moon Eclipse is not only going to help bring resolution and closure to the last half of 2017, it is also going to open and activate a new energy that we are all going to be working with until the next round of Eclipses in July and August 2018.

The moon, in terms of astrology, is representative of our deeper feelings and emotions, and how secure we are within ourselves and our place in this world. During an Eclipse, our sense of security and comfort is often shaken in some way, and we are given the opportunity to really look within and discover our fears, hopes, dreams and the truth.

eclipse 8


This eclipse falls under the fire sign, Leo. This means that the energy from this eclipse really going to be guiding us to take charge of our lives and to step into that role of being in charge of our own destiny. Eclipses are always emotionally supercharged, and the fact that this one falls under Leo makes it even more so. This Eclipse is likely to increase your sensitivity and bring up heated emotions.

We have to remember that even though the fiery Leo energy will want us to act fast and with force, we also need to remember to remain calm and reflect to clear some stagnant or negative energies first. In fact, hidden truths and buried emotions are likely to stir around Eclipse time, and you may need to let things rise up before you know the best course of action. Try to center your attention around letting go of past mistakes or failures.


There is no need to feel afraid or overwhelmed by this influx of energy brought on by the Eclipse, it just natures way of providing you with an extra boost to make some positive changes in your life.  If you allow the energy of this Blood Blue Moon Eclipse to filter into your life and you embrace the changes and inspirations that it brings, you will really be given a huge push to create a new state of being for yourself. This can help you gain a sense of true confidence in yourself, and help you recognize the love and support that surrounds you.

This eclipse will also carry a very strong feminine energy, this energy will help you ground yourself in your heart center energy.  This eclipse could also help set off a ripple effect of global change for women. With this flow of energy from the Eclipse and our very own mother nature, we may experience a rise up of feminine power and a focus on equal rights for women.

eclipse 1

The Super Blood Blue Moon Eclipse is certainly going to be a very intense and unique celestial event that I feel very lucky to experience in my lifetime. This eclipse will help you clarify and set your course for the year ahead. Be sure to harness its energy to clear out any stagnant or negative energy that is no longer serving you and surrender to the influx of new energy that will be coming to help guide you to greatness and success for the upcoming year.

The energy from this powerful event will last a few weeks until it settles. Do not put too much pressure on yourself or become anxious about what is to come. Be sure to keep your heart space open and observe in an unmatched state, any feelings or energy that may arise. eclipse 4

This January 31st Eclipse will be potent, but it will certainly help you connect with your deeper self and help to put you on your higher path towards a better self and a more divine consciousness.


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