Launching my first Amazon product!

First let me start off this post by explaining why I decided to try to experiment with selling a product online, and how I envision this whole process going.

Well, first off it was about 3 months ago when I decided I want to try and enter the world of selling on Amazon. I had no idea how much of a process it is to truly source out a product, all of the regulations and restrictions I had to work around to even be able to list a product on Amazon, and how to fully research the market. Initially, I had planned to launch a few different products at once, however, I wanted to start small to see if this is truly something that is worth me going forward with.

Although I am selling on Amazon which makes the product a little less personal, I still wanted to start off strong and create a product that was still something I want as part of my brand. I didn’t want to sell just to make money, I wanted to create a product I actually wanted for myself, something that benefits my life.

That being said, let me show you the product, explain the meaning behind it, and how it can help you in your everyday life, just as it has for me.



A very significant part of my life is dedicated to meditation, yoga, and holistic health and medicine. Because of this, I have used essential oils to benefit all of these areas of my life, plus so much more.  I use them for absolutely everything from curing headaches and nausea to help my hair grow faster and stronger! I also integrate them into my meditation and yoga practice daily.


Essential oils have such amazing health benefits and healing properties and are such a better remedy than many artificial methods. I completely designed these bracelets, I wanted a design that was modern and sleek, something anyone could wear, boy or girl, and something completely functional that will help better your life. The beads are authentic Howlite (white turquoise) and Lava Rock.


The bracelets represent Yin and Yang, which describes how seemingly opposite or contrary forces of the universe are actually complementary and interconnected. To read more about the significance, history, and deeper meaning of the Yin Yang symbol, visit my previous post:


For any of you who have never seen a lava rock diffuser bracelet before, it is very simple to use. All you do is rub a few drops onto some of the lava beads (the black beads) and the lava rock absorbs the oil and diffuses the scent for days, sometimes even weeks. When you notice the scent is wearing down, just add a few more drops! That way you can take your favorite essential oils with you wherever you go!


Not only did I want to create a product to help its users, I also wanted to help other people as well. That’s why for every set sold I am going to be donating $1 to The American Refugee Committee.

As many of you know, the topic of refugees and immigration has been a hot topic in today’s media and amongst many Americans. Without putting too much emphasis on my political stance, I will say this. None of us on this planet get to choose, when, where, and under what circumstances we are born. As I write this post I am sitting in a warm house and with food in my stomach, something an alarming number of people cannot say. I believe it is my responsibility as a very lucky person, a person who was given one of the best set of circumstances on this earth, to help those who do not have a choice and are just trying to create the best possible life for themselves, and their families. I will never look down upon anyone for where you are from, or what you believe, it is the choices you make that make you.


That is why I am so grateful to have this opportunity to try and begin building my online business, while still giving back.



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I have also provided a link with a great essential oils set to pair with the product, I highly recommend this specific set:

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