How to incorporate mindfulness into everyday life

Many people go through life feeling as though they cant get a grip on their thoughts. They are either stuck on past mistakes or pain or constantly worrying about the future. What many people fail to realize is that there is only right now, in the current moment, and that is all there will ever be. Time is a neverending force. The present itself is an illusion, as soon as a moment is here, it is also already gone.

This concept can be quite hard to wrap your head around, I myself have an extremely hard time grappling with this concept. However, the most important practice we can implement into our everyday lives in order to help us become more detached, focused, and at peace is mindfulness.

Anxiety or other negative emotions always come from us worrying about another moment, whether it be the past or the future. Bringing your attention to the current moment you are experiencing can help put your mind at ease, and connect you to the deep serenity and divinity that constantly flows around you.


Focus on your senses. We as human often take for granted the absolutely incredible experience we have been given, and even more incredible, our bodies are fine-tuned machines to experience our present moment. When we are living inside of our heads, we are fully experiencing what is around us. Looking out at your front lawn on a sunny day, hearing birds chirping or rain tapping on the window, feeling the texture of a warm blanket, the smell of spring. All of these things are gifts, these little moments are on the outside of our minds, therefore we have to step outside of our thoughts in order to fully experience them. Mindfulness is opening your eyes and paying attention to the tranquility of life itself.


Put on your favorite song. This is my version of a “quick fix” for mindfulness. I love music so much, when I listen to it, it overwhelms all of my focus. Playing a happy song, or one that just encapsulates you into that moment is a great way to snap out worrying or overthinking. Focus on the sounds you are hearing and how the song makes you feel.

Breathe. In Hindu practices such as yoga, Prana is known as the life force that flows through all living things. When we breathe, we are breathing Prana in and out of our lungs. Focusing on bringing one pointed focus to the sole feeling of your breath, can become one of the most powerful tools for both mindfulness, and overall spirituality. Feel the sensations that your breathing brings to your body. The expansion of your ribcage, the coolness in the back of your throat. This can help you reconnect to all of the universes that surrounds you at every moment, yet sometimes our brains are too foggy to see it clearly.


Write it out. If you are anything like me, you may sometimes also feel that your mind is moving so quickly that you need a barrier between your thoughts, this is when a pen and paper can become your best friend. Try writing everything you are feeling in the exact moment you are in, try not to let your mind wander to future plans or past mistakes, list characteristics of your surroundings, how your body feels, noises you are hearing, etc. You can use this practice just as a way to ground your mind enough to be mindful on your own or continue listing for as long as you need.

I hope you all try to implement some of these practices into your everyday life. Bringing mindfulness into your life can help you to become more focused, calm, and content. Bringing your mind’s eye into focus with what is going on around you helps to reconnect you with the healing energy of the life force around you.

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