How to stop procrastination

Procrastination is a hole that many of us often feel stuck in. And yet, we may not even realize we’re doing it, or why we are doing it. We often create reasons in our heads that supply us with enough logic that we can delay the task at hand. This can cause severe anxiety later... Continue Reading →

A guide to traveling to NYC

So, last week I decided to do something very spontaneous and surprise my boyfriend with a weekend trip to New York City. (Not really, I bought the plane tickets about a month before) but hey, it was spontaneous and surprising for him. A majority of my family either live in or haved lived in New... Continue Reading →

Techniques to Tackle Public Anxiety

Lets face it, Life is stressful. We go to school, work, etc. everyday and many of us have very busy schedules. For sufferers of Anxiety, day-to-day activities can already feel overwhelming and can even cause procrastination due to feelings of dread and fear being associated with being in public or even going to work or... Continue Reading →

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